Travel- Tips for Fun Road Trip

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downloadGoing on a road trip may seem fun but if you underestimate the preparation, everything can be chaotic. You want to have a fun trip; not a trip full of disasters. That’s why there are some important things that you should do before setting out for a road trip.

The Handy Tips

So, what should you do when you want to go on a road trip?

  • Plan your destinations. You are probably thinking about wandering aimlessly but trust me, planning your destination is going to save you a lot of money. You know how to reach your destinations. You know how much to spend on the gas. And you can plan your stay. At least plan the biggest cities for your major destinations. You can visit the small towns along the way without straying too far from the main destination.


  • Once you have planned your destinations, you need to come with a route. Plan the route smartly. It would be great if you can prepare yourself with a good map. It would be even wiser if you can prepare both the regular and also online map. Technology may help but there are circumstances when some areas aren’t well mapped.


  • images-9Plan your meal. This may sound unimportant but it is super serious. You don’t want to be drifted away in the middle of nowhere feeling hungry and cranky from the exhaustion. There are several websites that can help. You can visit them and see what kind of eating joints available on the way.


  • Are you staying in a hotel or will you camp? This kind of matter is important because it will determine the types of gear you will be taking with you. If you are going to camp, don’t forget the camping gear. If you are staying in a hotel, you will be traveling lightly but you may be spending extra for the accommodation.

John our friend at plans a trip every year with his family and helped me with some of these tips and tricks up hi sleeve!!!